On a lovely fall day in October I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a hike with a family through the Apps’ Mills Nature Centre in Brantford, Ontario.  Run by the Grand River Conservation Authority the 107 hectare property has a historic mill Flour and Grist Mill from circa 1841 with easy hiking trails through the woods.  For family and engagement photography this location is really easy to work with and allows children and couples to doing things naturally without having to artificially set things up.


The Preston Figure Skating Club is a registered member of Skate Canada.  As such athletes have access to world class coaches to prepare them for competition while recreational skaters can see if they wish to take the sport more seriously.  Every year the club holds their annual skating gala for parents and supporters as a thank you for the contributions they have made to their careers.  I had the fortunate opportunity to be the official photographer for the 2015 year and was amazed at the skills being demonstrated.  I hope I managed to capture the elegance and grace that was being exhibited.

This was a particular interesting photoshoot.  I went to several practices to understand the timing and key moments of the routines, however this didn’t prepare me for having to deal with constantly changing lighting conditions at the actual event.  The exposure metre in the camera was mostly useless as it was confused by the strobes and spotlights forcing me to make make decisions on what camera settings would work.  I’m extremely pleased with the end result and how attending the rehearsals allowed me to focus on lighting challenges and not worrying about missing the critical shot.

Moral of the story: Athletes practice and when taking photos of athletes – practice when they practice.



There’s something awe inspiring when capturing moments at a highland games.  The pride that is on display for the Scottish heritage being exhibited through sport is something that you don’t see in many cultures.  Every year the town of Fergus, Ontario holds their games and thousands flock to it to enjoy dancing, music and of course flinging cabres and stones through the air!

2015 CMBHL Season Opener

2015 marks the Cambridge Men’s Ball Hockey League’s 15th year.  The game is identical to hockey except there’s no ice, a plastic ball instead of a puck, and the teams pretty much play constantly for 40 minutes.  Teams are very competitive, but Randy, the organizer, tries to ensure each division are of similar caliber to keep things fair.  Technically there’s no body contact, however it’s hard to avoid. It’s a fast paced game and I’m surprised that no one gets injured as the ball is fired into people’s chins.



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