Fall Photos In Beaver Valley

“Let’s go and shoot some fall photos” a friend asked a week ago.  With my camera freshly returned from being repaired I was itching to run it through it’s paces; spending some time outdoors in the fall weather sounded like a fantastic plan.  Although Southern Ontario has plenty of spots to catch the trees turn colour, we decided to explore a part of the province that we don’t normally get to see.  We headed to “Grey County“, an area that covers Mt. Forrest to Georgian Bay, and take the “Beaver Valley” driving route that we found on the Grey County tourism site.

The weather man called for “30% scattered showers” but it was a fairly wet day with sporadic dry spells.  For photographer’s that’s a good thing as any sun that would manage to peak through would make colors pop.  As an example, on the way to Hogg’s Falls we pulled over to the side of the road to capture a gorgeous maple tree standing in a field of green.

A tree in a farmer's field around Flesherton in the Fall
A tree in a farmer’s field around Flesherton in the Fall

In the town of Flesherton there is a waterfall called “Hogg’s falls” – named after William Hogg, who ran a sawmill in the area around the 1870’s.  It was destroyed in a fire in 1888, but ruins of the foundation still exists and creates a small dam along the Boyne river.

Ruin's of the William Hogg Sawmill
Ruin’s of the William Hogg Sawmill

About 50 metres from this site is the waterfall that drops 7 metres down.  You’ll find a rope to assist you climbing down a small rock face to get to the base; it’s not very difficult and definitely worth doing to get up close and personal to the waterfall.


Hogg's Falls
Hogg’s Falls


One of the nice things using an Olympus EM1 is that it comes with In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS); I can hold the shutter open for much longer periods of time than cameras (or lenses) that don’t have this feature.  The general rule is keeping the shutter speed the same as your focal length at a minimum to prevent blurry images.  So if you were using a 50mm lens, the slowest you’d have your shutter set at would be 1/50s.  I managed to keep my shutter speed to 1/6s of a second to get the water looking silky as it flowed over the cliff while keeping the surrounding sharp.

The base of the falls provides plenty of opportunities to get close up if you can traverse the shallow parts of the river.  Having some water proof boots, or shoes with Gortex will keep your feet dry.



From the waterfall we headed to Thornbury to see the “Fish Ladder”.  Its a fish bypass that allows trout and salmon through the dam and allows them to get up stream for spawning.  When we went the fish weren’t moving at any great pace through the ladder, but many fishermen were out to see what they could catch.  The fall brings salmon and you can find rainbow trout in the spring making this area very popular so you may need to fight your way to a spot along the waters.

Fishing by the Fish Ladder in Thornbury Ontario
Fishing by the Fish Ladder in Thornbury Ontario

The trees along the shores frame the river nicely especially with their leaves changing color.

Thornbury, Ontario
Thornbury, Ontario

A few fishermen further down stream did manage to find a bit of solitude

Fishing in Thornbury Ontario
Fishing in Thornbury Ontario

A few more photographs of this popular fishing area can be found below.

Heading back home, we pulled off to a side road to do some drone flying in Eugina.  We found a pull-off area to park the car and while my friend was setting things up, I took a stroll along the road to see if I could create anything interesting.  With a freshly paved asphalt that gets almost no traffic it wasn’t hazardous to set up this shot off.  I love the road travelling through the photo with the leaves of trees in full fall color along the sides.

The Road Less Traveled
The Road Less Traveled

Although the weather was a bit wet, the Beaver Valley drive was a great success in capturing the fall colours of Ontario.  One of the things I really want to do this winter is head back to Hogg’s Falls.  The waters are supposed to run all year long and I bet it’ll look quite lovely surrounded by ice and snow,

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